Doxie’s Portable Scanner Encourages a Digital Life

One of the biggest thing stopping us from transferring our lives fully into the digital world is that some things still reach us via paper. Scanning them all in individually is a hassle when you’re using a bulky printer too.

The solution? Doxie – a small, portable scanner that allows you to scan various documents no matter where you are (almost) and upload them to your computer or online document service (such as Google Docs) via USB cable.

Once scanned in, organising your documents is easy, you can use any of the apps you currently use to organise your existing digital documents. Popular ones include Google Docs or Evernote. Alternatively you can get them online via Flickr (yes, the Doxie supports high quality photo scanning), twitter and other networking sites.

The Doxie has been put together by Apparent, a small company offering some fresh and practical technology products.

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