DMC Intercom/Sound System for Whole-House Audio and Communication

DMC Intercom/Sound System for Whole-House Audio and Communication

Monitor and communicate with your family through an intercom that acts as a full sound system. Program through the master station, which controls intercom functionality at the room and weather-resistant patio stations, which can in turn control the system’s music power, volume and up to four music sources. Speak to visitors through the door station without opening the door. The optional CD player holds six discs. Try the Starter Pack, which includes a master and 4 room stations, 1 patio station, 1 door station and the chime module.

DMC1 Starter Pack (#834508) – 1 Master Station, 4 Room Stations, 1 Patio Station, 1 Door Station and 3 Note Chime Module
You’ve decided upon the DMC1 Intercom Sound System, but you aren’t sure how many room units and door units to purchase. Luckily, the DMC1 Starter Pack can help you on your way to whole-house intercom service. This expandable system (9 room stations, 3 doors stations) provides just what you’ll need to get started with your system while still leaving the option of purchasing additional units at a later time. The DMC1 Starter Pack includes a DMC1 Master Station, 4 Room Stations w/remote scan, 1 Patio Station, 1 Door Station and the 3-note chime module.

DMC1 Installation Kit for the DMC1 Starter Pack (#834509)
Provides all the necessary rough-in kits and housing for a whole-house intercom/sound system. The kit includes Housing for the Master Station, 4 Rough-In Rings for Room Stations, a Rough-In for the Door Station, and a Rough-In for the Patio Station.

If you want to build your own custom system or expand the starter pack you can choose from the following components and accessories below:

DMC1 Master System (#834510)
The master station (pictured on the right) controls the system’s intercom and music features. From the master station, you can set the clock and music automatic on/off times, preset the radio stations (up to 8 each for AM and FM) and control the volume and equalization. In addition, you can determine the intercom functionality of each room and patio station, monitor other stations, and communicate with the door stations. Dimensions 16″ W x 5 1/4″ H.

6-disc CD Player for DMC1 (#834511)
Fill your home or patio with more than seven hours of music from your favorite CDs, all without reloading. This 6-disc CD player for the DMC1 Master Intercom/Sound System features a pull-out magazine that holds up to six discs. Dimensions 16″ W x 5 1/4″ H.

Standard Room Station for DMC1 (#834512)
As part of the DMC1 Intercom/Sound System, multiple room stations provide a communications system for your whole house while acting as audio outputs as well. Simply install up to nine room stations in individual zones or up to 15 room stations in shared zones, and you’ll be able to monitor and communicate not only with other room stations but even with a door station at your house’s main entry, talking to visitors before allowing them in. Dimensions 4.25″ W x 4.25″ H

Room Station with Remote Scan for DMC1 (#834513)
Same features as the Standard Room Station (#834512) but adds the remote scan feature to scan through up to eight preset stations on the AM and FM bands as well as through the auxiliary and CD sources to find the music you prefer. Dimensions 4.25″ W x 4.25″ H

Patio Room Station for DMC1 (#834514)
This patio station lets you communicate with and monitor other areas of your home while acting as an audio output as well. Dimensions 4.25″ W x 4.25″ H

Trim Frame for Combo System (#834515)
The DMC1 combo system trim frame is used in the mounting of the DMC1.

Housing for Master DMC1 (#834516)
The Housing for Master DMC1 is used in the mounting of the DMC1.

Housing for Combo System (#834517)
The Housing for Combo System is used in the mounting of the DMC1 CD Player.

Rough-in Ring for Room Station (#834518)
The Rough-In Ring is for use with the Intercom/Sound System Room Station.

Door Station (#5076di)
The Door Station is mounted at up to three of your home’s main entries, allowing you to talk to visitors before allowing them into your house.

Rough-in for Door Station (#5076dir)
For use with a Door Station for the DMC1 Intercom/Sound System, this Rough-In Ring is available for use in new-construction homes. This Rough-In Ring can be put in place prior to construction completion.

Rough-in for Patio Station (#834522)
The Rough-In Ring is for use with the Intercom/Sound System Room Station.

3-note Chime Module (#507663)
Available as an accessory to the Door Station, the 3-note chime module acts as a musical announcement of guests.

Don’t forget to add Cat 5 Cable as this system is wired together with cat.5 cable.

Price: $1059.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)