Digeo’s latest Moxi DVR is HD

moxi-hd-dvr Digeo isn’t done yet. Their latest Moxi DVR does HD. But for $800, it’s gotta do more than that, much, much more. It has a 500GB hard drive that holds about 75 hours of HD content. The interface is award winning and Moxi is really meant to be more of a media center.

You can access content from your PC as well as from the Web, stream music and video to your TV, access an online TV and movie guide, even play games.

It has 2 HD tuners and you can also hook in additional hard drives for even more storage.

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Price: $799.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

2 thoughts on “Digeo’s latest Moxi DVR is HD”

  1. Where are you getting that you can access your recorded content on a PC or the web? Or that you can stream video to the device? I own the new device, and neither statements are true. PC content streaming is limited to Music and Photos through Windows MediaConnect.

  2. Thx Richard. Just a badly constructed sentence. Oh the perils of blogging! I meant that you can get content that’s *on* your PC.

    I got carried away with the ‘video streaming’ part. You’re right – that’s not in the product.

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