Dell XPS One Desktop

Dell XPS One Desktop Day three of the “12 Gizmos of Christmas” has been reserved for desktop computers. The first Gizmo of the Day for day three is Dell’s latest entry into the desktop category dubbed the Dell XPS One Desktop. Desktops are trending to the all in one package where the computer is built into the monitor leaving the consumer to plug in a single cord and with a wireless keyboard and mouse and internal wireless card built right in, the XPS One is designed for minimal fuss and maximum cordless connectivity. Take it out of the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to play. Besides saving space on and around the desk, these all in one computers simply look slick.

With powerful Intel® processors, up to 2GB of memory and advanced graphics support, the XPS One has the computing horsepower and speed you demand. The Dell XPS One has a widescreen, flat panel display and integrated Hi-def TV tuner plus an optional Blu-ray Disc drive allowing it to function as a high-end television and entertainment system.

Equipped with proximity sensors, the XPS One almost anticipates your needs. Bring your hand close to the display, and the multimedia keys begin to glow. Press them, and they respond with sound and vibrations that register contact. Approach the system to insert a disc, and the slot load lights up.

Too cool!


Suggested Price: $1499


  1. can you connect this computer to your tv? if so how??? I have this computer and LOVE it!!! But I can't figure out how to connect it…

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