Yahoo’s Delicious Acquired by YouTube Founders. Sign In and Say Yes to Transfer

How to Migrate Your Account to the New Delicious

Earlier this week, AVOS, a company formed by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen, agreed to acquire Delicious from Yahoo! This is a great piece of news for those of us who have been compiling bookmarks for years now. It’s also even better news for the Internet community at large for the large pool of tagged bookmarks. I can not begin to tell you how many cool sites, applications and news I’ve discovered just by randomly dipping into Delicious’ RSS feeds.

One thing that Yahoo! did when they acquired Delicious was make it easier for users with both Yahoo! and Delicious accounts to login by merging the accounts. As part of the migration process, if you had a unified account, you need to separate them. But worry not, this process takes literally less than 1 minute and simply involves filling out your name, email address and picking a new password. Just head over to Delicious, sign in and do it. Do it for yourself and the rest of the Web. Marshall at ReadWriteWeb agrees.

How to Migrate Your Account to the New Delicious


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