Deck the Halls with Cell Phones and iPods?

iPod Christmas Ornament Walking through my local Target the other day, my husband, my daughter and I decided to meander through the Christmas area that is tucked away in the back corner of the store. It is seriously hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is less than two months away.

My daughter and I slowly looked through the rows of sparkling glass ornaments. She is four years old and completely giddy with excitement that Santa’s visit is just weeks away. There were the typical snowmen, reindeer and Santa Clauses lining the walls. Then we looked through the assortment of Doras, Spongebobs and Disney princesses. And then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted some cell phone and iPod glass ornaments. I let out a little chuckle because this certainly demonstrates how tech-focused our society really is today.

Cellphone Christmas Ornament I didn’t purchase the cell phone or iPod ornament for my tree that day. Though, I think I will go back and buy them now. Every year, my tree is filled with ornaments that reflect the personalities, hobbies and memories of my family. And I live in a house of gizmo nuts. My husband and my daughter argue over who gets to use the one iPad. So, I think my tree should reflect that gizmo-mania. Don’t you?

So, deck the halls with cell phones and iPods? Sure. Why not? I’ll just stick the cellphone ornament next to the one of Princess Leia in the gold bikini. And let me just tell you, the Princess Leia one doesn’t belong to my daughter.