Dash Express – On Sale for $200. 1 Day Only!

Amazon is hooking you up with a Dash Express today for only $200. This puppy originally was slated for a $600 price tag, but eventually went on sale for $400. Now you can get it for half that price, but today only.

The Dash Express is the first two-way Internet-connected GPS navigation system delivering traffic and destination information in wicked new ways. The Dash Express is the next generation of GPS technology and it’s available today.

Pick one up today only.

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  1. I've owned a few different units over the years and it seems everyone does certain things very well and in other areas could use some improvement. This unit is no exception but a few of the things that it does VERY well are features that I love. I travel a lot of long distance traveling, 5-12 hours typically 2-3 times a month. I don't use my GPS as a media device nor for bluetooth so these functions are not important to me.

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