d_skin Protective Optical Disc Skins


If you’re anything like me, you treat your CDs, DVDs, etc like they’re vinyl records where the slightest scratch is going to ruin the quality of the audio output. Of course, that’s not really true – optical discs are considerably more hardy than vinyl ever was. However, that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to scratching.

In comes d_skin with their protective skins. Put it on your disc and leave it there. In addition to the protection it offers while you handle it, it also protects the disc while it plays. d_skin’s skins are easy to put on – just snap them onto your discs and you’re done.

My only issue with these are the price. At $2/skin, I find that pricey. Assuming I paid about $10/CD, that’s a 20% premium to protect them. You can get a 20-pack of skins that works out to about $0.70/skin and this is a much better price. For someone with over 600 CDs, many of which cost $5 on average, I’d like to see an even larger pack with a better price/unit.

Update: Had a little chat with the vendor and they asked me to point out that there are in fact 50 and 100 packs of d_skins (I just didn’t find any at our partner site). I did some more looking and found a 100-pack for under $40; that’s really good at under $0.40/skin. Also, when you compare the cost of a d_skin with the price of a DVD (movie or game), then the premium comes down significantly. True enough. Of course, you can’t rule out that protecting something like your backed-up data (say family photos for example) can be considered priceless.

Price: $2/skin; $14.60/20 skins, $40/100 skins.
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)