D-Link DWL-P200 – Power Over Ethernet Adapter

D-Link DWL-P200 - Power Over Ethernet Adapter

Wouldn’t it be great to just have to worry about either power or ethernet connections rather than having to worry about both? D-Link’s Power Over Ethernet Adapter allows you to provide power to an ethernet device over the same ethernet cable. For example, let’s say you want to add an IP camera to the babies room, you only need to worry about having an ethernet connection in the room. Of course, you could go the other route and get a wireless camera, but wired solutions are always more predictable.

Now I’m just waiting on the technology for Power Over Wireless!

The DWL-P200 Power over Ethernet Adapter provides DC power to a network device, such as a wireless access point or Internet camera. The DWL-P200 can send power over a standard Cat5 Ethernet cable for distances up to 328 feet (100m). Using a single Ethernet cable that delivers both data and power eliminates the need to connect your Ethernet-enabled device directly into a power outlet. Power over Ethernet technology gives you greater freedom in device placement and easier cable management.

Price: $35.99
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