Black & Decker 500-Watt Outdoor Lamp Module

Black & Decker 500-Watt Outdoor Lamp Module

I needed this gizmo a couple of months ago when I tried to waterproof a regular X10 lamp module that ended up melting! The Outdoor Lamp Module allows you to remotely use an X10 or Freewire controller to control your exterior lights. This is perfect for controlling your Christmas/Halloween lights and other exterior lights such as landscaping lights and deck lights.

One reason my lamp module melted was that I used one to light my entire front and back yard with one module. The typical lamp module supports up to 300w where the B&D Outdoor Lamp Module supports up to 550w and includes a ground plug (that the interior lamp module does not have).

The Black & Decker 500-Watt Outdoor Lamp Module is easy to set up and use, programming without awkward code wheels. Follow the instructions that come with the Freewire controller to program it, or if you’re using an X10 controller to set up and control the module, press the controller’s ON button four times for the device code you want to set the module to. The red light on the module will blink once to acknowledge that programming is complete. You can even use the module with an extension cord.

The Black & Decker 500-Watt Outdoor Lamp Module is safe for outdoor use. If you want to control an indoor lamp, use an indoor light module instead. If you’re interested in an expandable system that uses wireless remotes for on/off control of powerline modules, Freewire kits are also available.

Control the connected light from your car! The HomeLink Wireless Control System is a factory-installed feature packaged on many vehicle models, providing a convenient way to replace up to three handheld radio-frequency transmitters used to activate devices such as gate operators, garage door openers, entry door locks, security systems and home lighting. The Black & Decker 500-Watt Outdoor Lamp Module is compatible with select 2001 and newer HomeLink-equipped vehicles. Programming instructions for HomeLink are included in the instruction guide for this Freewire product.

Price: $14.99
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