Complete Foot Massager

Complete Foot Massager

Moving on with the Valentine’s Day gizmos, we’ve found a complete foot massager. This isn’t your standard foot massager that simply vibrates or blows bubbles (in water) on the bottom of your feet. This Complete Foot Massager is called Complete for a reason. The massager uses a couple pairs of undulating padded footrests on a floating footpad that holds and kneads the sides of the feet.

Of course the footpad also vibrates the arches and soles which is needed for people like me that have freakishly high arches.

Finally you get wireless remote than allows you to manually control the vibration and kneading or can initiate a pre-set massage routine.

Give the gift of relaxation without having to cramp up your hands all the time.

Unlike other massagers that only vibrate the soles of ones feet and provide no applied pressure elsewhere, this foot massager uses two pairs of undulating padded footrests on a floating footpad to gently hold and knead both sides of the feet up to 33 cycles per minute. The footpad has vibrating arch nodes and sole nodules, and the removable and washable nylon/spandex covered footrests conform to the shape of any sized foot, yet will not grab sensitive ankles. A wireless remote allows for manual control of high or low speed vibration with or without kneading, or can initiate a pre-set massage routine. The massager rests on four non-slip rubber feet and can be adjusted by 25 to accommodate different seating heights and leg lengths.

Price: $299.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)