Cological Marble Run Construction Set

Imported from Japan, the Cological Marble Run Construction Set allows you to create custom courses for your marbles using mini rolling cars to whacking mallets to zig-zag tracks. When the marble reaches the end the flag pops up and plays a little song.

With 23 different mechanisms for moving marbles and 97 parts in total, the construction of custom tracks will keep you busy for a while. There is a manual included to get you off on the right foot but… you need to be able to read Japanese!


Suggested Price: $69.99

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  1. This looks so cool! Reminds me of a similar set made in Switzerland called Cuboro… I’d love to get it for the kids, but they’re expensive (probably even moreso with the dollar dropping like a rock).

    Still, you can get a taste of the experience on the Cuboro website with their “webkit,” which is a virtual Cuboro building kit.

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