CES 2010: Parrot Demos AR.Drone, RC Flying WiFi

parrot ar.drone rc flyerIn eye-catching demos reminiscent of WowWee’s Dragonfly in 2007, Parrot is showing off its AR.Drone which is a 4-propeller remote controlled flying ‘thing’. The AR.Drone features 2 cameras that you can view in real-time via WiFi, and also includes its own brain in the way of a Linux-based computer.

The AR.Drone will also ship with an augmented reality game, so you fly it as a virtual joystick of sorts. Parrot plans to offer up an iPhone app, but better yet, the source code as well so that hackers can develop even more interesting things for it. This may lead to a bright future for the AR.Drone.

Availability is tentatively March 5, but no word on pricing yet.


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