CES 2010: Gunnar Optiks Shows Off Stylish 3D Glasses

The big thing at CES this year was 3D, and Gunnar Optiks unveiled a line of stylish 3D glasses. We previously reviewed Gunnar Optiks glasses from last year’s CES, and it seems the company is only getting bigger. Although the 3D glasses aren’t available yet, Gunnar also showed off its MLG branded glasses.

Gunnar’s non-3D high performance glasses are targeted towards gamers and people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. They claim to reduce eye strain, improve vision clarity, and even prevent dry eyes. So how can they do this?

There are several pieces of technology that allow the Gunnar glasses to improve performance. The first is a yellow tint on the lenses, which increases contrast by filtering blue light. Yellow tinted glasses have been common among skiers and skeet shooters for years, but work equally well for those looking at a digital screen.

The second important part of the glasses is the anti-reflective coating. Gunnar’s proprietary i-Fi coating reduces glares and reflections on the screen from overhead lighting or other sources. If you’ve ever worn a pair of glasses with anti-reflective coating while driving, you’ll recognize the effect immediately.

The lenses are made from Gunnar’s diAMIX lens material, which is very light-weight and thin. It has a high abbe value of 53, meaning that chromatic aberrations (that is, color distortion) are at a minimum. Only glass and CR-39 materials have higher abbe values. The lenses are physically formed in such a way to provide protection for your eyes, increasing moisture and preventing dryness that results from long periods of not blinking.

There are many different types of Gunnars available, with 30 styles currently listed on their website. They now offer both the glasses used for gaming and computers, as well as glasses designed for the outdoors. Prices range from as low as $79 up to $189. They’re available at many online retailers, directly from Gunnar themselves, as well as many retail stores as well.

And, if they’re not in your budget yet, you can enter to win a free pair of MLG Phantom glasses by February 1st from Just Eyewear.

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