CES 2010: Eye-Fi Rolls Out 8GB Pro X2 SD Card

eye-fi 8gb wifi 802.11n sdRemember Eye-Fi, the maker of those SD cards for your digital camera that WiFi-enabled your camera so you could instantly upload your photos somewhere without having to plug in your camera to your computer? (Sorry, that was a mouthful!) Well, they’re still around and cranking out products.

Our prediction that camera manufacturers would get clued in and just start including WiFi into their products didn’t pan out, even given 2+ years.

Eye-Fi has a new 8GB card with 802.11n support, as well as updated software and cloud storage services.

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  1. hi there wow be great if nintendo suports this sdhc card the eye-fi pro x2 card then nintendo could have all kinds of video suport then nintendo could have nano computers like wii and the dsi as nano computers

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