#CES09: TriSpecs all-in-one sunglasses, headphones, Bluetooth headset

This is a bit wonky, but TriSpecs thinks there’s a market out there for those who want what I’ll call integration of head-devices – sunglasses, stereo headphones, Bluetooth headset, and even power and volume controls for your MP3 player.

TriSpecs actually got together with a company called Step Labs to ensure that the audio quality is up to snuff and probably then some. It even has noise-cancellation, the ability to detect and switch between music and incoming phone calls. The lenses on the sunglasses are Zeiss Sola and are interchangeable.

Despite all of these high-tech and seemingly expensive components and materials, starting price is rumored to be around $200.


  1. Would be great for laying out by the pool. Do you know how much they cost? I heard somewhere $200…

    No more headphone tan lines 🙂

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