CES 2008: Thoughts on Cool Products at Digital Experience

The Geeks attended Digital Experience last night and spent the entire three hours moving from vendor to vendor discovering some really cool new gadgets and some other products that were only mildly interesting and finally some other products that were… ok.

I’ve been following Dash Networks new GPS coming out Q1 this year. Another GPS you ask? Well, not quite. Dash Network has created a network of 2000 beta users so far that help determine traffic patterns in addition to testing the device. Dash Network also had a web dashboard interface that allows you to quickly send addresses to your device so you don’t have to type it in while in the car. Also, you can provide kml feeds to apply to your maps. For example, you can include a Zillow.com feed and check out prices of houses as you drive down the street or you could provide a kml feed of movie times for movie theaters in your area so they appear on the unit as you drive by. Cool stuff indeed!

We checked out the latest Logitech Harmony remote that includes a gorgeous touchscreen but a new layout for their forty buttons that allows you to move your hand in three different positions depending on what actions you need to perform. From the quick couple minutes I played with the device I enjoyed the feel and look and know I love the technology behind the device.

SimulScribe provides a wicked service that allows your to fire your inefficient and non-searchable voicemail by providing a new number that receives your voicemail and transcribes into text and emails you the voicemail.

Since we’re blogging from NBC Universal at CES on the CES floor, it’s a bit loud and non-concentraty so the post ends here! More to come…