CES 2008: First OLED TV to US Market: Sony’s XEL-1

Sony’s XEL-1 What could be hotter than CES booth babes this year? The ultra-cool Sony XEL-1 LED TV! Yes, I did just do that.

This candy for your eyes is the first available LED TV in the United States and will cost early adopters a cool $2500 for an 11″ high definition screen. This new entrant into the US market signifies the beginning of the end for the old school LCDs and older school plasma that will quickly fade out of the market as additional LEDs come out at cheaper and cheaper prices. This geek’s estimate… OLEDs will outsell LCD and plasma TVs in 2011.

You want some specs on the XEL-1, well at 3mm thick it’s a bit hard to watch from the side. The OLED picture has a contrast ration of 1,000,000:1 which provide the deepest black levels on the market. If you’re green, you’ll be happy to learn that the OLED technology is 40% more efficient than traditional LCD panels and does not require the use of harmful mercury during it’s manufacturing process.

The Geeks have been following this emerging technology and are excited that it has finally come to market.