Catch Halloween Pranksters on Tape

This article reprinted courtesy of Smarthome.

Is your home the target of Halloween pranksters? Get the evidence you need with a low-profile camera that can catch all suspicious activities on tape. Don’t let yourself be a victim this year! These high-quality surveillance cameras can capture images with near-zero lighting (.01 lux), so they’re perfect for use on Halloween night. They’re also completely weatherproof, for ease of installation and year-round outdoor use!

Catch the Prankster Products Used:

Tools Required:

  • Power Drill

Here’s How to Do It:
Mount the camera in a convenient location. Make sure that the camera will “see” the area where you expect the most activity. There are several methods of getting the camera cable inside your home. Make sure that you don’t run the cable alongside 120 VAC wires, and don’t pull too hard on the wires as you install them. Most installers will simply run the cable along the outside of the home, securing the cable with wire clips. A hole is then drilled in the wall for the cable to enter. If you choose to run cable this way, be sure to caulk the entry point of the cable to keep spiders and other uninvited guests out. A cleaner approach is to run the cable into your attic or basement, then “fish” the cable into a wall and out to the location where your TV or VCR is located. Once this is done, just plug the yellow connector into your TV (for viewing only) or VCR (for viewing and recording), plug the red connector into the power supply, and you’re done!

Year Round Use:
Use one of these high-tech surveillance cameras to protect your home all year round! Now you can find out who scratched your car, who threw the baseball into your window, or who swiped your lawn ornaments!

Total Budget:
The total budget depends on which camera you need from $169.99 to $849.99 not to mention the wire you need to extend and hook up to a VCR (or DVD recorder). The article demonstrates a basic setup, but you can go professional (or geek it out) with a motion-activated VCR.

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