California cell phone dudes – time to headset up

Ok, you sun-worshipping CA folks – today is the day you must stop holding those cell phones while driving. Get yourself a headset, wired or wireless, as the brand new statewide law goes into effect. Did I mention it’s today?

Now whether you’re a fan or not, fact is that if you’re going to be talking on a cell phone call, then you need a headset. While I agree with JT that the law needs to be tougher, it’s a start. PS> please don’t text or e-mail while you’re driving. That’s just plain dumb, and you could end up having a Darwin Award after your name if you Murphy’s Law holds up.

Read on for some quick tips on searching for that elusive new Bluetooth headset since I’m sure you’re going to want to avoid the wires…

So, yours truly just got his brand new Bluetooth headset (a Cardo Scala 700LX) in the mail after he lost his last one (a Gennum nXZen nx6000) in a recent home move. I can’t tell you how good/bad it (the 700LX) is yet (it’s charging up as I write), but the reviews seemed fairly positive.

An interesting thing about Bluetooth anything, really – the reviews are all over the map. I can just as easily get a thorough review that trashes a popular headset as one that raves about it. It’s a bit unfortunate, but you may just need to try different ones until you find one you like. Don’t spend hours like I did searching for the magical best one, because it doesn’t exist!

Meantime, here are a few useful links if you’re in the market.
* A handful of some of the most popular headsets. In-depth, opinionated 3rd-party reviews.
* Amazon’s list of Bluetooth headsets. Always lots of user reviews on these. The ‘crowd’ sometimes does know what it’s talking about.
* PC Magazine’s list of best headsets from last summer. You can possibly get some of these cheaply now.
* When you’re ready to pull the trigger, do some price comparison shopping.

Good luck, clear conversations and be safe on the road!

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