Bowl prevents soggy cereal syndrome

If you’re one of the many folks in the world who likes their cereal crunchy, and doesn’t like it getting soggy, but constantly pouring milk into the bowl a little bit at a time is a pain, then you need the EatMeCrunchy bowl. It’s pretty simple as these “why didn’t i think of it” inventions usually are – it’s a shelf that sits in a bowl that covers about 70% of the base, so that your milk sits in the bottom and your dry (and still crunchy) cereal sits on the shelf just waiting for you to push it into the milk for the right amount of mixing.

The shelf is removable and both bowl and shelf are dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, for you Yanks, you’ll have to pay a bit extra for shipping from the UK, but worry not, it’s not that expensive, especially if this is one of your daily quirks, umm… needs.