Book: Forbidden LEGO

Forbidden LEGO

Subtilted “Build the models your parents warned you against!”, Forbidden LEGO provides step by step howtos to build a handful of pretty cool projects using the LEGO Technic line of building blocks. Although it only contains 5 projects, most of which revolve around a theme of high-speed projectiles, each project is clearly displayed with step by step photos in glossy color. My favorite has to be the ping-pong ball launcher.

As to why the book has the word “Forbidden” in the title, the authors explain that including non-LEGO, modified parts or building projects with projectile mechanisms are no-nos at LEGO. Both authors spent many years at LEGO, so they definitely have credibility when it comes to building LEGO models. At the very least, if you’re just getting into building with LEGO Technic parts, then the step by step pictorial instructions will give you many ideas for many models of your own.

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