Bluetooth coming to Smart Grid?

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is focusing on lobbying to include Bluetooth technology in smart grid with two recent papers. The first strategy paper describes the market for in-home wireless in Smart Energy, domestic HVAC, and home appliances. The second is a technical justification of Bluetooth technology as the choice for these markets.

The executive director of the SIG, Michael Foley believes Bluetooth will work well with smart grid technology because it is sufficiently secure and can handle interference from other wireless products.

“The comprehensive scope of our specifications enables Bluetooth technology to provide an integrated solution that can cope with interference and which is optimized to have the lowest power consumption for these applications,” said Tom Siep, chairman of the Bluetooth smart energy group, in a statement. “The Bluetooth SIG is confident in our projections for success as the world addresses the need to make better use of energy.”

Source: Wireless Week