Black Friday is Almost Here – Are You Ready?

We’re but mere days away from our turkey feasts, and that can only mean one thing – Black Friday, the kickoff of the holiday buying season and craziest retail shopping day of the year, is almost upon us.

Given the current economy, it couldn’t come quicker. If your budget for Christmas gifts has shrunk along with your 401k, then it may be a good idea to take advantage of the deep discounts and great in-store sales while you can.

If you’re looking to shop the door busters on Black Friday, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of your local newspaper tomorrow and Thursday to get all the store fliers. Start circling the products you’re interested in and planning your strategy.

If you’re an online junky, like me, there are a number of resources available online to see all the good deals. Our friends at Retrevo have put together a pretty nifty Black Friday guide for those buying tech, which is available for download on their site. You can also check out GottaDeal and for a look at all the Black Friday specials.

Once you know what you’re getting, don’t forget to head over to my Black Friday Survival Guide at to brush up on your Black Friday game plan. If you are planning on standing in line overnight or even a few hours, the tips there can make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone, and happy bargain hunting!

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  1. This site has the Hit film Recon & down Starring Dirk Benedict at less than half price the rest have it at 22.99. I paied full price two weeks ago. Excellent action film, Now that I see the sale I’m picking up two copys for gifts. Just wanted to pass the deal along. They also have Roswell 1847 at half price as well.

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