Battling Palmsize Havoc Helicopter

Battling Palmsize Havoc Helicopter

Lets think together. If you already have cool little helicopters that fit in the palm of your hand… what more would you want? Well aside from a free unlocked iPhone that runs 3rd party apps… Right! Fighting, the base level instinctive male behavior that makes all toys better. These Battling Palmsize Havoc Helicopters come in set of two and let you and a friend duke it out “laser tag” style for office air rights. Take to the air from the palm of your hand then use the shoulder buttons on the remote to fire at your opponent copter. A hit causes the shot copter to spin out of control and crash. Luckily these Battling copters are tough enough to keep coming back for more aerial dogfights. However to truly dominate the sky, you’ll need to practice up on your flying skills.


Price: $99.99

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