Bark Smart Deluxe

Bark Smart Deluxe

There is nothing more annoying than a neighbor’s barking dog that barks at everything from falling leaves to the grass. There are many ways to alter their dogs or even your dogs behavior but one of the most humane ways is by using an silent ultrasonic signal that is triggered by the dog’s barking.

A couple features of the device include a counter to show how many times the device has been activated and a timed control allowing you to have the device triggered between certain times only.

The Bark Smart Deluxe works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking. Dogs quickly learn that their barking causes this irritating sound and stop barking to stop the noise. Choose from two modes: audible and ultrasonic. Both modes signal your dog ultrasonically, but the audible mode also emits a tone that you can hear, so you’ll know when it’s working. An LED also shows when the Bark Smart Deluxe is active.

Many pet owners prefer to correct their pet’s bad behavior themselves. The Bark Smart Deluxe is ideal for this scenario, as it has a special timer feature: Set the Bark Smart Deluxe to correct your dog only when you’re away, such as during work hours or while you’re sleeping. The Bark Smart Deluxe has a built-in counter that shows exactly how many times the device has been activated.

You can select the device’s microphone sensitivity. Choose from three levels that indicate what barking level activates the Bark Smart Deluxe. A test button lets you verify that the unit is working when you set it up. The Bark Smart Deluxe is for outdoor use only.

A standard version of the Bark Smart is also available. This device has a wide-range speaker that can signal dogs up to 25 feet away, and it does not offer the timer feature, perfect for dogs that need consistent control.

Price: $49.99
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  1. How can you recommend using this on your neighbors dog? You can't emit anything from your prpoerty to your neighbors without consent. It's illegal. The owner's manual says do not use around children so it is harmful to humans much less animals. Think again.

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