Bargains for Geeks Re-released for Cinco de Mayo!

As a Cinco de Mayo present for Geeks everywhere, the Geeks from Gizmos for Geeks has re-released Bargains for Geeks simply because we love to get our hands on various gadgets and gizmos, but if we have to pay full price we can’t buy nearly as many as we really want! After all, the Geek’s motto is “Whoever dies with the most toys wins!”

While visiting various Geek-related bargain and deal sites, we noticed only certain products and deals were listed. Unfortunately, these products were not always what we were looking for. We’ve decided
to grab all bargains and deals from our favorite shopping places as well as best selling and new products. You can get your hands on the latest deals from the various shopping places by visiting the website or subscribing to either the RSS feed or the daily email (you know us as some have received our newsletter for nearly four years, we will never sell the list).

Save your time for playing the latest game release or watching last week’s episode of Battlestar Gallactica on your TiVo and stop wasting time hunting for bargains by visiting multiple sites that pick and
choose what products you’re going to see. Leave compiling the deals to us, and just search for the right deal for you.