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USPS Hates Netflix Envelopes

According to an article in the NY Times, the USPS isn’t happy with Netflix because their red envelopes must be sorted by hand. The US Postal Service estimates that the manual sorting of 1.6 million Netflix envelopes per day is costing them about $21 million a year.

As a result, the USPS wants to add a 17 cent surcharge to every package that requires hand sorting – including Netflix DVD envelopes. Tony Wible, a Citigroup analyst who wrote the report, says that the income that Netflix receives per subscriber would fall from $1.05 to 35 cents and that Blockbuster’s return mailing envelopes do not cause this problem. This could make a big competitive difference for the 2 companies.

“We know that Netxflix, which mails out about 1.6 million movies a day, is clever enough to create a redesigned mailer sometime soon.” ~


Leg Lamp Replica from A Christmas Story

This half-scale reproduction of the Leg Lamp from the 1983 movie A Christmas Story isn’t completely accurate, but for a mere $40 bucks it’s probably close enough for most Christmas Story fans. And honestly, it’s smaller scale will be more apt to blend in with the average living room. It certainly does with mine, never failing to draw smiling comments when a new guest first sees it.

I wonder how long it would take for HR to give me a call to “talk” if I brought my Leg Lamp to work?

My friend has been saying for years, in jest, how he’d love to have the Leg Lamp to place in the window of his house, for all the neighbors to see. And his wife has sworn that it would never happen… now she is going to kill us for getting him this for Christmas!

Helio adds TV Guide Mobile

TV Guide and mobile content provider Helio introduced a new service offering TV show information, program listings, search functions and daily recommendations to Helio users.

Text-based program alerts can be set to remind yourself and friends of what’s coming on the tube. TV Guide Mobile is available to Helio subscribers for $2.99/month, in addition to carrier data charges.


Hi-Tech Thanksgiving Turkey Help

Have a habit of getting yourself in to a jam when cooking Thanksgiving dinner (USA)?

When things go wrong in the kitchen, sometimes you probably feel like running down to the closest restaurant and asking for some professional advice. Actually physically busting into a restaurant kitchen may be a little extreme, but thanks to a few websites like and, experienced chefs are connecting with home cooks via email and instant-messaging.

Badonkadonk Land Cruiser Review

Every once in awhile I’ll find something really random or weird on (like a Mongolian Goat Hide Pillow!?). But I think that a personal land cruiser/tank named after a giant ‘ass’ takes the cake.

The JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser is a custom made tank modeled after Jabba’s Sail Barge from Star Wars. The exterior is a steel shell with a rust patina. Remember this is a “tank” so there’s lots of protective armor like fixed slats protecting the windows, and a unique industrial-strength rubberized flexible skirt that shields and protects the wheels to within an inch of the ground, while still allowing for enough flex to give clearance over bumpy and uneven terrain.

Mac Mini RAM Upgrade Tutorial

Want to upgrade the RAM in your Mac Mini? You can definitely save a few bucks by buying a stripped down Mac Mini and upgrading the RAM yourself. But before you can install that extra RAM, you’ll need to take a walk down to your local hardware store and grab a couple putty knifes. Thanks to the Mac Mini, the putty knife is now becoming part of the standard set of essential computer hardware tools.

Traditionally, Apple computers have easily come apart with a few screws and levers. In fact, some Apple machines, like the PowerMac G5, almost come apart entirely without tools. However, brute force, patience and a putty knife are required to crack open the Mac Mini.

The Evolution of Dance With Optimus Prime

The Evolution of Dance is the most-viewed YouTube video ever. In the video, Judson Laipply, a motivational speaker, dances to a soundtrack that plays through various popular songs ranging from Elvis Presley to MC Hammer and Michael Jackson. As of February 2008, The Evolution of Dance has over 76 million views on YouTube, and is the most viewed video on the site.

Here’s a parody of The Evolution of Dance performed by Optimus Prime from The Transformers called “The Evolution of Dance With Optimus Prime.” Keep your eyes peeled for the subtle robotic crotch thrusts during YMCA. It might not be appropriate for younger Decepticons.

Gotta love the ending. Optimus Prime doesn’t like the Macarena. He transforms and leaves the stage.

Surprisingly, this clip is not from the popular stop-animation comedy show Robotic Chicken. The guy who made it is named Patrick Boivin. Seth Green should give him a job.


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