Wireless RF Electronic Locator

Wireless RF Electronic Locator

Always losing your glasses? Remote? Keys? Kid’s favorite toy? “Now You Can Find It!”® locater puts a pager on all elusive things!

If your home telephone’s “PAGER” button is its most used and valued feature — helping locate a misplaced cordless handset — you’ll wonder how you ever lived without Sharper Image Design’s® universal pager system, “Now You Can Find It!”® This upgraded version now includes eight RF receiver discs that beep and flash to help you quickly and easily locate a missing object.

Just attach one of the eight RF receiver flashing beeper discs to any of those elusive objects that seem to wander off by themselves. When an item is lost, just press its corresponding button on the portable radio-frequency transmitter base and carry it from room to room. The receiver disc flashes and beeps with varied cadence when the base gets within 40 feet of the wayward item.

Each flashing beeper disc secures to virtually any object with its keyring or double-sided adhesive pad; write a name or apply a sticker for each item opposite its button on the portable base. The discs and buttons are color-coded; additionally, they’re coded with Braille-like bumps so someone with limited vision who’s lost his or her eyeglasses can use this system.

The base comes with a magnetic mounting bracket that attaches to a metal surface, such as a refrigerator or a filing cabinet. The base unit itself will start beeping if it hasn’t been returned to the bracket within six minutes — so it won’t be misplaced!

Price: $69.95
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