AuraGrid Home Kit

AuraGrid Home Kit

Are you having issues with your wireless working in all areas of your house? You can use the coax cable run throughout your house to help distribute your 802.11b/g signals for better connectivity throughout your entire house. Read on to see how this nifty gizmo works.

Two days in a row we’ve now featured gizmos that better utilize infrastructure wiring (power and network over Ethernet and now extended 802.11b/g coverage using exisiting coax cables. Again, I’m still waiting for Power Over Wireless…

The AuraGrid Home Kit’s 4-way duplexer/splitter screws easily into your cable line where it enters the home. The same wiring that sends cable TV to the rooms in your home will distribute wireless RF signals, as well. Use one of the included extension units to connect your router to the AuraGrid, and wire the additional extensions into the cable entry point of the rooms to be connected. Each comes with an antenna: Rooms that are equipped with an AuraGrid antenna will enjoy maximum wireless signal strength as well as data throughput without interrupting cable TV/Internet services.

Each AuraGrid room antenna operates like a separate wireless access point. Three are included with the AuraGrid Home Kit, but additional antennas are sold separately, so you’ll be able to connect as many as you need to have wireless access in every area of your home or business. All connected AuraGrid antennas operate on the same channel, so you won’t have any channel conflicts.

Price: $89.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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