Audiopoint’s Voice Terminal Service (VTS) adds support for Google services

Speech recognition company Audiopoint has released a new version of their Voice Terminal Service (VTS) that now supports Gmail and Google Calendar. VTS allows customers to interact with their e-mail, calendar and Internet services in general via a traditional telephone. For example, VTS’ Google Calendar Interface allows users to listen to Daily Agendas, based on specified date, add detailed calendar events, based on a scripted interface, including a user-recorded audio description of the event, and a “Quick Add” function, which allows the user to rapidly add calendar events, based on a specific “expert-mode” syntax.

You can subscribe to VTS on a per-month basis and the cost depends on how many minutes of service you use. Costs are as low as $1.99/mo for 125 minutes of service. VTS is primarily useful for visually impaired folks. As a good croporate citizen, Audiopoint is also offering VTS free to all visually impaired U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.