Video Chat Coming to Android Phones

Google Video Chat on Android

Google Video Chat on AndroidI just got a call, a video call that is, from one of my Google friends with an Android smartphone. The call came in over my Google Talk client built into Gmail, and at first I thought it was just a regular voice call, but when I clicked Answer, there was my friend walking along and talking.

He had of course called to rub in the fact that he (already) had an Android phone with video chat 😉 I totally took it for granted how clear the video actually was. Keep in mind that he was walking, and I could see the sky and trees behind him, yet the video was not jumpy and there were no dropouts. Color me impressed.

This works over 3G, 4G or WiFi, and you can talk to other folks on Android phones or Gmail with Google Talk. This will be rolled out in the next few weeks as part of Android 2.3.4 to Nexus S phones and to other devices after that.

Check out the quick video:


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