701XR AstroStart Remote Start System

A premium solution featuring an ultra compact remote control and outstanding range

November 28th, 2005—Astroflex (www.astroflex.com) has announced the introduction of the Model 701XR remote start system, designed to overcome objections from consumers whose factory keyless entry buttons are built into their ignition key assembly. Such factory keys are typically quite large, and many consumers are unwilling to add yet another sizable remote device to their already bulky key chain. The AstroStart 701XR delivers the luxury and convenience of remote start capability utilizing a tiny, single-button remote control that adds little bulk or weight to the key ring. The Model 701XR has an outstanding remote transmit range of 2000-feet, thanks to the innovative Astroflex SAW receiver technology that utilizes a high-sensitivity pre-amplifier. The Model 701XR’s single button controls engine start/stop and Continuous Mode, which allows the motorist to leave the car fully locked and protected while the engine is running. The 701XR is also diesel engine and standard transmission compatible utilizing AstroStart interface modules.

About Astroflex: Astroflex has been designing and manufacturing remote devices in Canada since 1989. Dealers and consumers have realized the tremendous benefits associated with the integration of R & D, production, tech and sales support all under one roof. AstroStart systems are currently the only North American made remote start systems available. The US market is served by a sales and distribution center in Manchester, NH. Astroflex provides extensive installer training in addition to a high level of support through innovative tools such as the AstroChart installer software and the MultiTest II proprietary programming and diagnostic device. Astroflex is dedicated to bringing best quality manufacturing and innovative design to the remote devices category.

Astroflex expects to be shipping the 701XR remote starter by December 15th, 2005.