5th Generation iPod nano features video recording

One of the new products announced at Apple’s event yesterday was the new iPod nano, now with a video camera and pausable FM radio. The new iPod nanos now have a polished anodized aluminum finish and comes in 9 different colors. But the most notable feature has to be the video camera that is paired with the larger 2.2″ screen (240-by-376-pixel resolution). Sync up the nano to your computer and it’s just one more step to sharing your video on YouTube, Facebook, et al.

The FM Tuner not only lets you listen to live FM radio, but to pause it for up to 15 minutes. You can rewind as well. Also included is the ability to tag songs that you like, so that you can look them up later on in iTunes.

The VoiceOver feature speaks the artist and song title to you, and the Genius feature in iTunes can help you put together cohesive playlists.

The new iPod nano comes in 8GB and 16GB sizes.

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