12v Cooling Car Summer Seat

12v Cooling Car Summer Seat Warm summer days evoke certain standards, such as blue ocean waves, long, vacation-filled days, and hot car seats! Since summer clothing shouldn’t have to be adjusted for a more comfortable ride to work or the beach, it’s time to install a seat cooler for a more pleasant ride. The 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat provides almost instant relief for your tush from that hot summer sun, using your car’s battery or any wall socket to provide a cooling fan.

Just slip the 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat over your seat back, and then buckle and tighten it around the seat securely. Plug the 12-volt car plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, and the cushion will start to cool down immediately. Adjust the fan speed for cooler air. You’ll also appreciate the seat’s breathable fabric, which is much more comfortable on hot days than your car’s leather seats.

You won’t forget to turn off the seat’s fan, even if you step away from your desk at work or if you accidentally leave it on at home. The 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat shuts off automatically after an hour of use.

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