12 Gizmos for Christmas: #7 Gaming Devices

Gaming systems have always been a hit for our holiday gifts wrap-up and this year, even in a recession, there is no exception.  Over the past three years we have the same players with consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft with minor changes to the consoles such as a “Silver Edition”, “Slim Edition” or some other sort of “Limited Edition”.  In any case, the changes between editions are slight including better energy efficiency or support for the latest HDMI standard, etc…

Our first pick is the best selling console probably due to price and the ease of use for casual or party gamers… the Nintendo Wii. Additionally this console has really created a new genre of popular games with the advent of legitimate exercise games.

The Play Station 3 is the second best selling console on the market with incredible high definition graphics and an excellent Blu Ray player converging high definition video with a console.  It’s easy to make the leap from a $200 Blu Ray player to a $300 Play Station 3 that includes a Blu Ray player.

Finally, XBox 360 is a great gift choice for the hard core gamer as some of the best titles exist only on the XBox 360 platform. Gears of War and Halo franchises are both exclusive to the XBox 360 console so if you’re giving a console to a true gamer, XBox 360 should be at the top of your list.

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