10 under-$50 ways to be green

The Sci-Fi channel’s gadget blog, Dvice is running a great article on how you can be ‘greener’ without spending a ton of money. Many of the 10 entries almost deserve their own write-up and we plan to do just that.

Among the top 10 are suggestions like putting an end to junk mail, using reusable shopping bags, riding shared vans and/or carpooling, e-cycling (c’mon geeks!), and even using your urine as a fertilizer for your plants.

While I hardly consider myself a fanatic when it comes to the environment, each passing day has me feeling that we’re going to experience some really horrible things on our planet, not that those things aren’t happening already, but it’s not something that gets quite enough media attention and so it’s not high enough in the public’s awareness (yet).

Even if you’re not an eco-conscious individual, take a look at some of these ideas as they may actually save you some money as well.

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