You Rock Guitar Takes Guitar Hero to the Next Level

by William Appleyard on March 4, 2011

The You Rock Guitar is the perfect gizmo for bridging the gap between real music and rhythm gaming such as Guitar Hero. Here we have the most realistic guitar on the market that is compatible with the likes of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, with lots of other features including MIDI output.

The You Rock Guitar is compatible with a huge range of devices – Mac, PC, PS3 and Wii, and has outputs for USB and MIDI; an amp can easily be connected. It has 25 different types of guitars built-in, which will never need tuning, and can be used to create the perfect gaming experience.


When you take a look at the buttons on this thing you know it’s serious. The onboard recorder allows you to record your own MIDI sequences to be exported by its numerous outputs.

Dual-direction whammy bar included as standard.

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Price: $199.99
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