Laptop Smart Feet – Riser and Cable Organizer

Here’s another of the many products in the category of laptop risers, Laptop Smart Feet. Laptop Smart Feet is a rubberized foot that raises the back of your laptop computer 1.5″ so your keyboard is now angled up and ventilation on the bottom of the laptop is improved. Laptop Smart Feet also come with a […]

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Review: Laptop Lifts – legs for your notebook/laptop

If you are one of the ever-growing number of laptop users, you will have noticed that you continually need to take your laptop off your lap to let your legs cool down or place something like a book or magazine underneath it. Well, laptops are not about to get any cooler, or be made with […]

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Orbit Professional Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Do you love to entertain friends and family often? If you are like me, you probably feel like you are going to melt outside during the hot summer evenings. Unfortunately, for a lot of people out there with the same aversion to heat like me, it just doesn’t seem like much fun to get out […]

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