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  1. Robert Hahn
    January 9, 2011

    How can mouthware that was demoed by showing videos of what it might do someday win a “best of show” vote? I like Moto’s stuff and wish them well, but this mad dash by the press to crown something — anything — as an iPad rival is getting ridiculous. Can we please wait until a device actually ships and is purchased in large numbers before calling it a winner?

    • Doug Felteau
      January 9, 2011

      The International CES shows always have the official "Best of CES" and another group runs the "Last Gadget Standing" awards and due to the nature of CES, the majority of entries and products are still demoware, but usually close to general release. These are not our picks – although they aren't too far off from what we'd pick.

      We also have a wait and see attitude, but the Xoom does look to be the best in the Honeycomb powered tablets being released this year. Will it rival iPad? That remains to be seen.

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