ZZZ Checker – monitors and analyzes your sleep

Add another sleep analysis gadget to the growing list. This time around, Japanese company Spec Computer has a product that does not require you to wear a wristband. Instead the ZZZ Checker uses audio and visual sensors to tell what you’re doing.

This is not a tool like the aXbo alarm clock that wakes you up at optimum points during your sleep cycle. However, it records things like snoring, teeth grinding, tossing and figures out if your sleep is light, medium or deep.

You can transfer the data from the ZZZ Checker to your PC and analyze with the included software.

Sorry sleep-deprived Westerners, but it’s currently only available in Japan, although if the display is any clue, they’ve probably designed it with English speakers in mind too. If you’d like to get your hands on something similar, take a look at the SleepTracker Pro Watch.

via dvice.