ZipConnect 900MHz Wireless Outdoor Speakers

ZipConnect 900MHz Wireless Outdoor Speakers

It’s the weekend and time to move life to the outdoors for a couple of days! Of course, if you’re like me, I can’t quite sit still and in the quite and need to bring my tunes with me. If that sounds like you, Sharper Image has created a product that should work for you.

Using their ZipConnect technology, which allows you to connect any MP3 player – not just iPods, Sharper Image has created wireless outdoor speakers! Wireless solves the issue of having to run speaker wire outdoors and the outdoor speakers have a weatherproof case that could withstand some misting or indirect weather. The speakers only require batteries for power so you don’t have to worry about a power outlet either!

The price is a little steep, but this product fits the outdoor living but digital music loving niche perfectly.

Robust weatherproof housing lets you enjoy your iPod® music, the radio or TV outside on the deck, around the pool or in the yard. The 900MHz dual-frequency wireless transmitter with ZipConnect™ sends music through walls and floors to the dual outdoor wireless speakers up to 150 feet away. The included universal connector fits the headphone jack of any iPod or MP3.

The wireless remote controls speaker volume and auto-scan frequency tuning. Features bass boost and an auto-on/off standby function that turns the speakers on once a signal is detected and turns them off if no audio transmission is detected. Use the audio-in jack and included cable to connect a stereo or television.

Wireless remote runs on 2 AAA batteries (order separately). Each speaker has an integrated carry handle and is powered by 6 C batteries (purchase separately) or plugs in with included AC adapter. Each speaker is 9″ square x 9″ high. Transmitter plugs in with included adapter. 90-day warranty. Interchangeable Made for iPod ZipConnect charging modules are available that will both play and charge your iPod. Created by Sharper Image Design®.

Price: $169.95 – second half price
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)