Yahoo Releasing Desktop Search App

Yahoo is moving their Desktop Search app into general release today. Desktop search, as quite a few of the big players have realized, is in great demand today. Both Google and Microsoft have desktop search applications as well. They are all competing so strongly on this that they even have the same styled domain names for the websites promoting these apps (, and Freely downloadable like its MSN and Google counterparts, the Yahoo search app is able to search e-mails, attachments, Word docs, music files, images, video, Yahoo address book entries and Yahoo Messenger archives.

Desktop Search is definitely important, as storage space has become plentiful and cheap, people are inherently bad at cleaning up (or perhaps just packrats), and information is not just stored in one file format. With the big boys all playing in this arena, it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller names. Copernic is one of those smaller names, but their product is highly rated, and some would say better at searching than even Google’s entry.