Xmultiple Technologies debuts FlashPoint USB Share Drive

For digital camera users and the new wave of cell phones, the FlashPoint will let you transfer (dump) images from the camera to the FlashPoint USB Share Drive anywhere and at anytime, without the aid of a computer. Then if you wish, you could copy these to another USB flash drive. Again without the need of a computer. The FlashPoint is a self-powered, USB Pen flash drive that can store data and transfer (dump) data from other peripheral devices. Such as USB flash drives, digital cameras, MP3 players, PDA’s, cell phones, etc.

The FlashPoint Share Drive will play a larger role in the auto industry with more and more cars being equipped with sophisticated electronics. The automotive industry can retrieve data or transfer data to a cars intelligence system without the need of a laptop computer or cumbersome cables. The consumer can transfer data (mapping data, MP3 files, etc.) from the home/office computer to the car, in a form factor small enough to fit on a key chain.

The device is powered by an internal battery, which allows it to be used to copy data from the shared folder without the need of external power. It works with Windows 98/Me/2000 and XP or Macintosh OS 9.x and 10.x. Buttons for Power control, Load and Dump of data, controls the process. FlashPoint comes in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB flash memory configurations.

The FlashPoint will make sharing on-the-go, (SOTG), a simple and convenient task. Teachers will be able to down-load class assignments and lectures away from a computer, by simply plugging the FlashPoint into the students USB flash drive or MP3 device and hitting the transfer button. All accomplished away from the computer, sharing on-the-go (SOTG).

Digital Camera Application Site http://www.starbursthomepage.com/fhost.htm

FlashPoint Web Home Site: http://www.sharedrives.com