XAct Rego XTR5 Plug & Play Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver

XAct Rego XTR5 Plug & Play Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver

With Xact’s Rego, you can surf through the wide programming variety of SIRIUS Satellite Radio, then, with the touch of a button, switch over to your favorite MP3 tracks. And with the help of optional kits, you can play this versatile radio over your car stereo, through your home system, or clip it on your belt and listen to it just about everywhere you go.

Right out of the box, the Rego is ready to play in your car (you’ll have to activate your SIRIUS subscription to get satellite radio reception). Its car accessories include a docking cradle (where all power and signal connections are made), a suction-cup mounting bracket, a roof-mount antenna, and a power adapter that plugs into your vehicle’s power outlet.

To play the Rego over any FM car stereo, use the built-in wireless FM transmitter to send the signal to an unused frequency. Or, if your stereo has an auxiliary input, you can connect the Rego directly to it using an optional audio cable.

You load MP3s into the Rego by way of Trans Flash cards. These cards are tiny storage devices (about the size of a postage stamp) often used with personal electronics; the Rego comes with a 32MB card. Xact also includes a clip-on, rechargeable battery, and a set of earphones, so you can listen to your MP3s on the go (portable SIRIUS reception requires the wearable kit; see below).

You can store up to four hours of your favorite SIRIUS programming, then go back and listen to it whenever you like. This is a handy feature if you’re in an area where the signal is blocked, but want to hear SIRIUS content. To get to your music and programs quickly, you can also save up to 50 preset channels.

Price: $279.99
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