Wrap-a-Nap – Head Pillow, Blindfold and Ear Muffs in One

WRAP-A-NAP - head pillow, blindfold & earmuff IN ONE

WRAP-A-NAP - head pillow, blindfold & earmuff IN ONEWe should really have a “No Batteries Needed” category of ‘gadgets’ because we love featuring stuff that aren’t electronics, but they’re kinda gadget-y (yes I made up that word) and are definitely cool and many times very practical.

Take this fleece travel pillow that also doubles as a blindfold and ear muffs. Called the Wrap-a-Nap (nice), you wrap it around your eyes and ears, velcro close it and lay your head down. Not sure how much noise it shuts out, but I’m sure it blocks out most of the light.

Sure, it looks goofy, but if it does the trick, onlookers be damned! I know one of my favorite travel accessories is a Bucky Neck Pillow that dangles from my laptop bag. I used to be self-conscious about it until a few airplane seatmates on long flights made not-so-subtle jealous comments about how they wished they had one of those! So go on, get your head wrapped and take a nap.

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