Wireless Water Temperature Monitor

Wireless Water Temperature Monitor Shrinkage is a serious problem with pools, especially this time of year. Sure it could be a scorching hot spring day with temperatures climbing into the upper 80s, but beware the temptation to leap haphazardly into your pool as you will undoubtedly encounter shrinkage (and a bit of pain similar to a heart attack as you lose feeling to your lower extremities when you contact the frigid water). The Geeks have found an answer to your shrinkage issue and it’s called the Wireless Water Temperature Monitor. This gadget monitors your pool’s water temperature from up to 328 feet away.

While shrinkage is a problem with pools, hot tubs present an entirely different beast. You don’t want to scold any part of you body (especially the sensitive parts) because you turned the heat up a little high on the hot tub. The Wireless Water Temperature Monitor helps save you there as well.

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