Wireless Baby Monitor – IR/Color Cam and LCD Monitor

Wireless Baby Monitor - IR/Color Cam and LCD Monitor

Welcome to the updated version of a baby monitor. No longer do you have to use the old brown looking Radio Shack baby monitors!

This monitor transmits over the 2.4GHz wireless handheld baby monitor that includes wireless color and infrared camera and the parental unit includes a color LCD screen. The real only product requirement is a baby!

Sleep easier at night knowing that your baby is safe. And now you can do it wirelessly!! This 2.4 GHz wireless handheld baby monitor eliminates the interference from the crowded 900 MHz band. You get a wireless color LCD screen that allows your child to be clearly seen, even in a darkened room, with the wireless color & infrared (IR) camera (IR transmits in black and white). The receiver includes a video out jack so you can see an even bigger image on a standard TV. And how cool is this? A digital alarm clock is integrated into the monitor to alert and remind parents for feeding or nap times! Day-time or night-time, you can keep an eye on baby! Enjoy your child’s every wonderful moment and feel safe & secure – Order this wireless 2.4 GHz handheld baby monitor and camera set today!

Price: $74.50
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)