Wired Magazine Opens Store in NYC for the Holidays

Do you live in New York City? If you do, then as a true-blooded gadget-loving geek, you need to go check out the gadget store that Wired magazine has set up just for the holidays. But you’ve got to be careful you don’t miss it, b/c it turns into a pumpkin on Christmas Eve (Dec 24, 2005). Located in the SOHO district, the Wired store features more than 65 products ranging from the hot new Motorola PEBL phone to the Ultimate Gaming chair. And get this: they’re auctioning off a trip into suborbital space; you can bid on it at the store.

If you’d like more information, you can check out the official press release or the online version at wiredstore.net where you can also buy the products they’re featuring at the physical store.