When Techies Build: Do-it-yourself Tinkering takes Sci-fi turn

By Scott Craven

Ever since the dawn of the weekend, man has had an insatiable need to putter. Where once he would stumble about the garage looking for intriguing yet inessential projects, his needs are now being met by a growing number of resources, from Internet sites to a new magazine dedicated to do-it-yourself gadgets and gizmos. Thanks to this surge of information, technological tinkerers are pushing the boundaries of do-it-yourself projects, building everything from MP3 players to fully functioning Star Wars robots.

Hobbyists scour sites such as Hackaday (www.hackaday.com), where people share their latest products, like the person who converted an Atari 2600 joystick into an external battery for his PlayStation Portable handheld game. He’s also bookmarked more than a dozen blogs and forums where people swap plans and schematics.

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